Disty would like to thank you for the valuable time spent in going through Disty Web Site. Whether you are a customer, a reseller partner or a Vendor Partner; we value your interest and definitely, we will take the needed actions towards serving your needs. Disty empower its resellers in order to provide the proper services to their customers through providing proven technologies that delivers results for their customers’ applications. Disty adds value starting from consulting, sales, training, channel development, implementation; if needed to support resellers. Disty welcome new valuable vendor Partners who will enrich Disty products portfolio and will add value to the customers through Disty’s certified resellers; as Disty only sells its products through certified resellers.


Disty seeks to be the leader in providing the latest technology in Surveillance arena for customers through its certified Resellers. Differentiate itself from box-moving, price-oriented business by offering and delivering End-to-End solutions with good services and better support for our valued Resellers.


Disty strongly believes in properly serving the Egyptian society while introducing the best of breed products and technologies that fits the culture, community and meet, if not exceeding its client’s expectations.

Technology Focus:

Currently, Disty is one of the major players in the field of Surveillance Solutions. With its activities focusing on the following technologies:
• Surveillance
• Access Control
• Physical Intrusion Detection
• Cabling & Infrastructure

Apart from the above, Disty has always been in touch with the major industry developments to secure the latest technologies that not only meet market trends but positively driving it.