Disty Solutions:

The below named services are sample of Disty offerings: Consultancy; Disty honored with its consultancy resources in all areas it serves; be it Surveillance, access control…etc.

Disty will be pleased to extend its expertise to serve its clients and helping them building the best match that serves and meets their expectations if not exceeding them.

Survey; this is a day to day task that we do at Disty through our qualified and certified engineers and technicians in order to reach the proper design and the selected products that serve the premises.

Installation; although Disty philosophy is to empower its resellers to carry on this task, however and in case needed; Disty can carry out the entire installation of the proposed solution by our resellers.

SLAs; in many occasions, customers may have multi vendors/products installed at their premises; Disty is fully ready to extend a solid SLA to these environments and will make sure having all what it takes to safely supervise and maintain these kinds of environments.